The Water Feature

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  • October 6, 2023
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The water feature is a multi part water collection system and fountain. Serving as both a engineering and artistic set piece, that is both interactive and visually engaging. Upon completion the system will be made of four primary components: a basin, a cistern, two pumps and a running spill way.

Cistern and Basin

The larger cistern is a large brick and mortar holding basin. Capable of holding over 100 gallons of water, the cistern provides ample fluid to run the system. The cistern will be fitted with two pumps to both cycle and release water. 
The basin is considerably smaller and is constructed of block stone and will function as the catch basin of the water falling from the spill way. The basin is located higher than the the cistern, allowing the flow of water into the holding area. 

The Spill Way

The spill way is located high on the wall, and will form the roof line of The Glass Breaker. The spill way will run the length of over 40 feet and multiple water falls.

The Pumps

An electric pump will function to cycle the water through the feature, elevating the water up the wall to supply the spill way. The other pump is our restored antique pump, which is manually run. This pump functions as an interactive way to both drain the cistern and/or water our sunflowers.

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