Library Services

What Can I Do There?

Check out books of all kinds locally or use our Interlibrary Loan System and Access PA to place requests from catalogs state-wide and pick up locally!

Search ACCESS PA now.

The entire state library system is accessible here in Mount Carmel.

DVDs:  2 days [You must be 18 years old and a patron in good standing to take out DVDs.]

Need more time?  Please ask.

  • Six (6) Macs available.  Time is limited to 1 hour while in demand.

  • Free Wifi available.  

You agree to abide by the Mount Carmel Area Public Library Computer Policy. 

The Library Staff is available to help you get logged on

The Library’s Computer Policy can be found here

Photocopies and Computer Print Outs  .20 cents per page

Our Library offers a huge amount of historical data for you to do research on the local coal region history or genealogy. 

These services can be self-service or you may have a librarian assist your research for a small fee.  Please reach out to us for more information and costs.

Additional Services

Mount Carmel Area Public Library is in the Pottsville Library District

We have a new online reading challenge for you to join!

We are using a new software package called Beanstack

Available in partnership with the MCA Public Library:

Practice for PA Permit and License Exams Online Here:

How Can I Help Support The Library?

Our Library depends on the support of our Community, donors, patrons and volunteers.  You can choose to help us in any or all of these methods.  

All Monetary donations are fully tax deductible.