Over The Garden Wall

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  • October 9, 2023
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As the garden developed, the components of a garden wall were slowly assembled, namely: stones. These stone carry with them a grand history of the Coal Region and the Mount Carmel Area as well. Stones have been sourced from ruins across the local area. Some have come from ruins of breakers, others from foundations demolished local buildings, and others from abandoned railroad infrastructure.
When viewing the wall you will see stones from Breakers and Mines from Mount Carmel, Centralia, Locust Gap, etc. 
The wall attempts to caputure a small bit of our areas history and culture, from things long past and forgotten, transforming them into a beautiful monument to our past and as a token of a hopeful future.
One particular stone from Centralia inspired us to design and construct the pillars that frame the entrance to the garden. We however were unable to find its pair. Because of this we moved to make one ourselves. Carved out of our own mountain.
With some help, we have completely capped the lower wall, and we intend to full wrap up in the spring.

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