Warren D. Altomare

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  • January 11, 2024
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“Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to WKMC-TV, broadcasting from the Silver Bowl on the campus of the Mount Carmel Area School District, where, tonight, the Red Tornadoes will take on…”

When you hear the words, you immediately know the “voice” – that of Warren Altomare, football anchor of WKMC-TV sports for 23 years. Just like Phil Rizzuto of the Yankees, Vin Scully of the Dodgers, and Harry the K of the Phillies, Warren is MCA football. Warren has “called” games since the 1987 season, when the District’s cable broadcast went digital and were able to be seen over a 50 mile radius. Who can forget his excitement when Jon Veach broke his 94 yard run against Lakeland in 2000 – “He’s out!, he’s out!” – as Veach ran towards the end zone. How about his brutal honesty when opposing coaches refused to play subs when the game was obviously over, or the condition of some of the opponent’s venues when they were less than standard. What stands out most is his passion for the game of football and his love for Mount Carmel Area and its student athletes.

Warren is an original founder of the Breakfast Club/Supper Club, begun in 1983 and serves as its only treasurer. The club has provided weight equipment, clothing, shoes, video equipment, and a venue for student athletes to hone their communication skills. Warren is also the JV football public address announcer.

His own athletic career found him as a member of the 1972 Eastern Conference Championship football team, as well as, playing fast pitch softball for Pinamonti Cafe and West End Fire Company. He is also the chairman of the Mount Carmel Lions Teener League Baseball team, the most successful team in Teener history.

Altomare has served for 10 years as a member of Borough Council and was a member and Chairman of the Mount Carmel Recreation Authority. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Keystone Energy Technology Enterprise, the Board of Directors of Central Susquehanna Sight Services, and is a Regional Vice President of the Brush Valley Chamber of Commerce. He is a 29 year member of the Mount Carmel Lions Club and a member of the Professional Advisory Board of Clear Channel Radio.

Warren was the manager of Altomare Wast Disposal from 1974-1999 and was involved with the management of Meldot’s Children’s shop with his mother Mary, during its time on Oak Street. In January of 2005, he purchased Family Home Medical and Family Home Medical Support Services and currently operates both companies out of offices in Mount Carmel. He currently in lives in Aristes with his family; Kathleen, Joshua, and Nicole.

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