The 1944 Kulpmont Wildcats

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  • December 19, 2023
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Coach Jerry Breslin’s favorite theory about high school athletics has to do with “Cycles”. He feels that every school goes through periods where there is a gathering of great athletes together at the same time…and of course the opposite is true.

There doesn’t seem to be any question that the ‘44 Kulpmont Wildcats were part of an up-cycle. It’s doubtful that a team anywhere has so thoroughly dominated its opponents as that ‘44 team. Consider this:

1. They scored 357 points, averaging 31.9 per game.

2. Their opponents scored a total of 21 points for the season. The first team was not scored upon at all.

3. 8 of their 11 opponents were shut out.

4. The team had a total of 29 players. 6 of the 29 received scholarships to major schools and did well.

The team was coached by Mike Terry, who was assisted by Al Ross. Further validation for the cycle theory is that of the 4 undefeated seasons racked up by Kulpmont High in it’s history, 3 were during that Terry era at Kulpmont.

It was a team that had everything: size, speed, power and strength. They could run and throw and catch and tackle with equal skill. What more ts there to say about a great football team.

Team Members: Bernard Barkowski, Alex Burak, Joe Dallabrida, Joe Diminick, Henry Duran, Rohland Evans, Oete Fusetti, Ronald Haas, Jack Fusetti, Eugene Yancoski, Matthew Lashendock, Joe Lech, Nick Mariano, Bernard Moleski, Len Makowski, Jack Moleski, Lou Murawski, Frank Nicola, Al Retalleck, Michael Siket, Henry Stewart, Robert Terry, Clem Thomas, Leonard Valania, Dominic Vitacco, Michael Wanzie, Bernard Washko, Len Yarish.

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