Robert “Jiggs” Connolly

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  • December 19, 2023
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One of the great sports discussions, when the football groups get together, is to okay “What IF” and to put together a high school team comprised of players from Mt. Carmel Catholic, Mt. Carmel Township and Mt. Carmel High School who played at the same time.

For example, “What If” Glenn Adams, Dave Ficca, Buddy Costello, Skippy Watkins, Joe Thiroway, Kenny Wenrick, Bibby Lavish and “Jughead” White all played on the same team. These were all terrific Running Backs who played at the same time for one of the three local high schools.

Well one of the names that always come up in those discussions is “Jiggs” Connolly. He was a Center Offensive and the Safety Defensive for the Catholic High Rams…A strange combination when you think of it: A guy tough enough and solid enough to be the snapper and most important blocker on the line, and yet quick nough to cover the opponents best receiver as the Safety. In addition, “Jiggs” kicked off and kicked extra points.

There were some solid players on that 1942 team assembled by “Tufki” Andrulevich and Walter Dugan. Bill Jacobly, John “De De” Gredzinski, Joe Delaney, Len MJarchinski and Bob Dondero were a few of the names that helped the Rams to one of their better seasons.

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