Marcellus “Mertz” Kornaski

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  • December 18, 2023
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Mertz Kornaski has been a part of Mount Carmel Catholic High School History right from the start. He was a four year letterman and offensive and defensive end for the Rams, and the team’s captain in 1934 and 1935.

Mertz was too little to give college football a serious try; but he was able to utilize his speed and terrific pass catching ability to become a highly regarded high school player. Catholic High in those days had just begun to play the sport, having just become a four-year school. At that time Coal Township “Purple Demons” were a highly regarded High School Team; and they issued a challenge to the “Rams” to play a game. Coach Jerry Breslin knew his team, which consisted of 16 or 17 undersized over-achievers would be seriously outgunned; but Mertz and his teammates persisted in asking their coach to schedule the game. Coach Breslin finally agreed to the game. But he made an arrangement to fortify his “Munchkin” line with some players borrowed from the semi-pro Atlas Wolverines. The Coal Township coach, Smokey Kobilis, couldn’t believe how the Catholic High Team could do so well against his team, and how some of the Catholic High kids looked a little old to be in high school. The game ended in a 50-0 win for Coal Township.

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