Lou Costello

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  • December 18, 2023
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Lou Costello graduated from Mt. Carmel Catholic in 1941. He was a 4 letterman for the Rams, a hard-driving runner who led Catholic High to some of its finest seasons. Under coach Ray Green and led by Lou Costello, they lost only one game his final two seasons.

Lour received a full scholarship to play football at St. Bonaventure and starred there as a frosh. But his father was killed in a mine accident in 1942 and Lou had to leave school to help support his family. This was a pattern repeated often in those days. One wonders how many great athletic careers were curtailed because of higher priority of helping support the brothers and sisters of your family to your own personal education.

Lou’s mother decided to move the family away from the Coal Region to guarantee there would be no other family members lost to the danger of working in the mines. They moved to Phoenix where he made his home til his death.

He transferred his own unfulfilled dreams of sports and education to his children, however, and four of his five children have graduated from college and the fifth and youngest is a junior at Millersville State presently.

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