Kostos Family

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  • December 18, 2023
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They say good things come in threes, except in the case of the Kostos Family where it comes in fives. The five Kostos Brothers: Casimir (Charles), Joseph, Martin, Anthony and Frank were outstanding successes both as athletes and people.

The oldest son, Casimir was an outstanding Football and Baseball player at Mount Carmel High School. After completing his great high school career he received a call from the Detroit Tigers inviting him to tryout for their team. He heard a more important call, and opted instead to enter the Priesthood.

Joseph was also an outstanding three sport player at Mount Carmel and went on to become captain of the 1921 Bucknell University Football Team.

Martin, the middle brother, was an outstanding end for coach “Doggie” Julian at Albright University. He was also a Barber in his spare time; but apparently cut more hair than classes. After finishing at Albright he played in a semi-pro league in Philadelphia for several years before returning to Mount Carmel where he opened a tavern.

Anthony, who graduated from Mount Carmel in 1922 concentrated on Football. He did well enough to be elected captain of the 1925 Bucknell Squad. He graduated as an Engineer from Bucknell and for several years after was a full-time engineer and a part-time football player with the professional Frankford Yellow Jackets.

Frank, the youngest son, was a center on the Football team and a guard on the Basketball team from 1926 to 1930. He also starred at Bucknell. Frank got into the education field and eventually became chairman of the Penn State University Hazleton Campus.

An outstanding family who used their excellence in sports as a springboard to success in other areas of life. They are a welcome and important addition to our Chapter’s Hall of Fame.

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