Johnny Jadick

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  • December 18, 2023
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“Jabbin” Johnny Jadick was born in Diamondtown and went from there to become a World Boxing Champion.

In January 1932, Jadick won the Junior Welterweight Championship of the world by pounding out a 10-round decision over Tony Canzomeri. Canzomeri also held the Lightweight Championship currently, but that title was not effected.

It was a classic boxer versus slugger matchup. Jadick was known as “Jabbin Jonny” because of his clever footwork, his excellent boxing skills and his stinging jab. Canzomeri was a slugger who waded in and threw potential knockout punches with both hands.

Jadick was knocked down once and stunned three or four times, but he was able to recover each time and get back to his jabbing and boxing strategy. Eventually, he wore down his bigger and stronger opponent and was able to win the decision.

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