John “Witt” Gilchrist

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  • December 15, 2023
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John “Witt” Gilchrist was one of the greatest football players ever produced in Trevorton and an outstanding baseball star. He was once described as an athlete who could provide any coach or player with good sound advice.

He participated in games against some of the best gridiron aggregations in the state, among teams on which he played were the famous Shenandoah Presidents. The Mount Carmel Wolverines of the Anthracite League, the Shamokin Second Street Team and The Shamokin Maroons. While playing with Shenandoah Presidents in 1925, he played against the Frankford Yellow Jackets at Philadelphia, at the now J.F.K. Memorial Stadium. He would play in Philadelphia on Saturday and then travel to Atlantic City, N.J. to play on Sunday.

“Witt” was noted for his ball carrying ability and was classed as one of the most difficult ball carrier to tackle because of his unique method of running and speed.

He played baseball for the Trevorton Orioles between the years of 1917 to 1935. One summer while playing for the West Cameron Baseball Team at Rolling Green, he had the longest home run ever hit at that field.

Football and baseball were not the only sports he participated in. For a short while he also played on a basketball team in Trevorton.

We are sure if he would have lived at another time, he would have gone on to play professional football or baseball. W

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