John Muolo

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  • December 18, 2023
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A special hallmark of Jazz Diminick Teams has always been the great breakaway back, the homerun hitter who helps you score from anywhere on the field. In most instances the back was a little guy with dazzling moves, great balance and a sense that every play is designed to go all the way.

From 1970 through 1972 John Muolo fit the pattern perfectly. During his career he rushed for 1914 yards, returned punts for 581 yards, ran back kickoffs for 224 yards and accounted for 172 yards receiving. That total of 2891 all purpose yards put him solidly in the in the top 10 of all tornado Backs in that category. Throughout his Tornado career he averaged 7.3 yards every time he touched the ball.

John was Co-Captain of the 1972 Eastern Conference Champions; and also won the Mike Terry Award and Len Eshmont Award on the way to becoming All Susquehanna and All-Lower Anthracite.

After graduation he moved on to Susquehanna University. He played there with distinction for two years and then turned to Rugby. He got good enough to lead the team in scoring and become most valuable player at the Annual Wilkes Barre Rugger Fest.

He is still active in sports. He takes running very seriously and has started and completed two marathons: in Montreal Canada and Sunbury.

He is a recent Cum Laude Graduate of University of Pittsburgh’s Law School and is presently employed by the law firm of Buchanan-Ingersoll in Pittsburgh.

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