John “Day Day” Gredzinski

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  • December 18, 2023
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John “Day Day” Gredzinski was a real gentle giant. You’ve heard the story a hundred times; but he was another one of those guys whose potentially great athletic career had to sacrificed because of war intervened.

“Day Day” finished up at Mount Carmel Catholic as a defensive end and linebacker, then immediately left to join the Navy.

After returning to the Mount Carmel area, he married Lillian Holubowicz. He also played in a tough semi-pro football league with the Anthracite Maroons. His team, which included people like Mike Terry, George Wrona, Bob Ballent, Earl Dallabrida, “Dee Dee” Deitrick and Tony Mosello, was one of the best ever assembled.

His play was so outstanding the he was offered a trial with the Baltimore Colts. But, by that time, his two daughters, Suzanne and Kim, had arrived, and it was important for him to begin making a serious living. He was employed by Lukens Steel Company as a millwright in the Glenmoore area near Pottstown, Pa. He remained there until he died on February 6, 1986. His daughter, Suzanne, is a nurse who works for the federal government. His daughter, Kim, is a special education teacher and coach at the Coatesville Area High School.

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