John Christian

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  • December 19, 2023
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In the words of his coach, John McKay, John Christian is a “Gym Rat”. But the way McKay says it, you know he means it in its most positive sense. Christian is a kid who loves being in the gym, loves practicing, loves being there…even when he’s mostly there alone.

Christian is only the eighth Tornado player to score more than 1000 points in a career. Yet according to McKay the people around him made more of a fuss over the impending moment than Christian himself. “He was and is a completely unselfish player”, according to McKay, “Many times he’d follow up a twenty point game with a game where he’d take only two or three shots”.

Christian was one of the very few players whe have started for four years for the Tornadoes. As a freshman, he scored 262 points, the most ever for a freshman player. And while starting every game that year he led the Tornadoes to its first ever District Championship.

John is also a solid baseball player who started as a catcher for three years. He will continue his athletic career in college, though he has not made a final choice of where he’ll go at this point.

His father, John Sr, is Mount Carmel Area’s Freshman Coach.

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