Harold (DUCKY) Dettrey

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  • December 15, 2023
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Played with a lot of the best teams in Mount Carmel and in the area and finished up playing softball with Pachutea’s Druggists (city champs three times) and Langis Candy Shop two years (one year champ.) As Manager of the Anthracite Fire Company Little League baseball team for 25 years, his record stands as 849 wins, 292 losses and 43 years.

The team played in 10 World Series Games, winning 7 and losing 3. They also finished 2nd in the Division 10 other times. “Ducky” received the following awards: Man of the year by the Mount Carmel Playground 1953; Reward by Little League for 25 years of service 1972; Sportsman of the year by Mount Carmel Legion 1973; Citation by Mayor Frank Cimino 1976; Award for service and management by Mount Carmel Rotary 1976.

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