Guests are Always Welcome

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  • October 5, 2023
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Around the garden, you will find little residences for several of our flying friends. These include a Bee Hotel, a Batcote, and several Bird Houses.

A Bee Hotel is a simple residence, composed of dozens of  drilled bore holes of various sizes; this welcomes in bees of all kinds and sizes (no hole for murder hornets). These fuzzy buzzing little guests help pollinate our garden.

The Batcote sits high on the wall and allows refuge for our nocturnal friends to snooze upside down. Additionally, these fellows keep down the bugs

Our birdhouses are colorful and varied to welcome our local feathered friends. Many birds can be seen at the garden, including: Titmice, Cardinals, Robins, Chickadees, Bluejays, Juncos, Finches, Mockingbirds, Bluebirds, Pigeons, Doves, and many more throughout the year. These provide additional residence to the little birdies who feed at our feeders. Some have taken residence on our local roofs and in chinks in our walls, they are all welcome.

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