Carl Frances “Baron” Bugler

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  • December 19, 2023
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Ever notice how kids are right on the mark when they choose childhood nicknames? Carl Bugler was the “Baron” to his friends as a kid, and obviously they had an inkling of the kind of life he would lead.

He was an organizer and leader right from the start. He was one of the student leaders responsible for initiating the football program at Mt. Carmel Catholic High. He was captain of the 1937 team; played end and tackle and wherever else they needed his strength and leadership.

There was a war on, as they said in those days. Kids who got out of high school then postponed their personal plans in order to serve their country. Bugler enlisted in the Army-Air Force. That talent for organization and leadership was evident and he became part of a very elite group called the “Flying Tigers”. He was to become the Chief Administrative Officer of the “Tigers”, and during that period was credited with shooting down two planes from the ground. During the war he was also a bomber pilot and was decorated many times. He received the Air Medal with Three Palms, the American Defense Medal, the World War II Victory Medal and the Chinese Medal of Honor for Heroism during the Middle Eastern Campaign. He received three Bronze Stars and the Presidential Citation.

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