Aubrey Alexander

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  • December 18, 2023
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Aubrey Alexander was an excellent sandlot football and baseball player locally. He was a mainstay of the semi-pro St. Peter’s Crusaders teams in the late 40’s and also played a significant role as both organizer and player for the Apollos, a very good semi-pro basketball team that flourished here in the early 50’s.

By that time however, Aubrey was getting a little old for the young men’s games, and needed a form of expression for his competitive instincts, he turned to golf. It was a marriage made of heaven.

Aubrey took to the game like a duck in water. At that time there were no municipal or public golf courses in our area. The only golf being played was at Private Country Clubs, by men who were using it merely as a form relaxation from more important money-making pursuits. Aubrey, more than anybody changed that around in our area.

He brought golf to the common man. He introduced literally hundreds of young people to the game. Only the game he taught was not for relaxation. His game was a $2 nassau, fight to finish, all-out competition. He played golf the way he played other sports: at top speed. With the pedal to the floor. Competitive golf in the Coal Region was born.

Over a 25-year period Aubrey Alexander was known at practically every golf course around between Williamsport and Allentown. And much more often than not, when the match was over, he’d give you that great grin…say “nice match Our Lad, c’mon, I’ll buy you a drink”, and put your $6.00 in his pocket.

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