Anthony J “Bronx” Difrancesco

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  • December 20, 2023
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All over the country people are beginning to question the value of kid sports. Measuring the obvious benefits against the excesses and the overemphasis on winning at all costs leaves some people wondering.

Not to worry where “Bronx” is concerned. For 26 years he has coached the same simple philosophy: “Try your hardest. Fun is more important than the final score. Everybody plays. Learn to execute the fundamental things.”

The problem has been that most people who coach do so because they want to favor their own kids. Bronx has done it where none of his own kids was involved. He gave all his time teaching the game to other peoples kids. He began in 1969 as a volunteer to Mike Rudock and ha hes continued for 26 summers. Many of them assisted by George Kroutch.

The real test of how successful he has been is in the makeup of some of his present day rosters. They contain the sons of some of his original players who want their kids to learn the same lessons they got on baseball and sportsmanship.

Bronx was a pretty fair country softball player for Atlas Hose Company, managed bu Joe “Hobie” Forti. And their friendly rivalry continued for many years, including several league championship series. But it was as a junior league coach where “Bronx” has made the most important contributions.

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