1927 Football Squad

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  • December 18, 2023
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The legend, of course, becomes the truth. We’ve heard about it dozens of times, yet never tire of hearing it again. But, it seems everyone has a story about that state championship game. Were they really the best team ever to represent Mount Carmel? Were the weather conditions really the worst ever? The best thing is that one of life’s most enjoyable pastimes is a sports argument and that team provided more than its share. Thirteen of that team’s members still live. They are: Joseph Ambrose, Springfield, Mo.; Charles Beierschmitt, Grand Crest Nursing Home; Dan Helwig, Willow Grove; Albert Jones, Elysburg; James Magennis, Mount Carmel; George Homiak, Diamondtown; Albert Masciantonio, Atlas ; Albert Mickalitis, Mount Carmel; Raymond Miller, Mount Carmel; Joseph “Pooch” Orzechowskie, Detroit; Charles Reed, Sunbury; Edward Sarisky, Mount Carmel; Robert Toy, Grand View Nursing Home.

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